About PricecoinX

Pricecoin was founded in 2017. Originally released as a Litecoin-fork, Pricecoin has now been minted as a token on the Cardano Ecosystem. The Pricecoin token aims to act as a bridge between revenue streams from Cardano, and the rest of the crypto-space. This makes Pricecoin a diversified investment vehicle. Today we are actively working on the tools which will allow litecoin-based PricecoinX users to convert their respective coins into tokens at a predetermined rate. Transactions will be recorded and conducted with the Cardano blockchain, while Pricecoin's utilities will allow for scalable growth in token value over time.

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Pricecoin Mining:

Pricecoin mining is a a developmental system which allows Pricecoin Miners to earn Pricecoin, all while working to secure the Ergo blockchain. Ergo is an Oracle that operates for the Cardano ecosystem. Mining Pricecoin directly increases the hashrate utilized by the Ergo chain. For these early stages of Pricecoin development, the Pricecoin mining system uses a centralized system to track decentralized componenents. We hope to make use of Cardano smart contracts in the near future to make our system 100% decentralized.


Although rewards are currently not yet set to be issued, we thank everyone who helps operate a miner under the Pricecoin system. Your hashrate allows us to further develop and secure Pricecoin into the system it was meant to be.

For Miner configuration, please visit the Pricecoin-Dashboard.


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